Why You Won’t Read about Artificial Preservatives in Freshpet® Reviews

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Freshpet dog food reviews

When considering what kind of pet food to feed your four-legged best friend, you will have a lot of options. However, most commercial dog food comes in the form of kibble. Kibble is essentially ground up ingredients that are then shaped into little pellets. These ingredients may include meats, vegetables, and whole grains depending on the formulation.

If you look at the “Best Use By” date on a bag of kibble, you will notice that it has a shelf life of up to a year if the bag is relatively new. This is because in addition to the ingredients mentioned above, all commercial dog food is also packed with preservatives to increase its shelf life.

There are many kinds of preservatives that can go into kibble. Some are natural preservatives, like ascorbic acid and rosemary, which are considered innocuous in comparison to artificial preservatives. These are the ones that dog owners should avoid at all costs.  These include ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxytoluene, butylated hydroxyanisole, and others. Many have questioned the safety of these artificial preservatives as they have been linked to certain cancers and other adverse chronic conditions.

Why Is Freshpet® Different?


When a customer looks at a Freshpet® roll or bag, they will notice that none of those funny-sounding names are anywhere on the ingredients list. Freshpet reviews its recipes very carefully, and each roll or treat that comes out of the Freshpet® Kitchens is made with all-natural ingredients, like US-raised meat and vegetables that are locally sourced whenever possible. Their recipes are gently steam-cooked at low temperatures to retain key nutrients and ensure taste. There are no preservatives, fillers, or over-processed “meat powders” in any recipe.

Another thing a customer will notice is that Freshpet® products are located in the refrigerator. Refrigeration is Freshpet’s only preservative. Just like other groceries that need to remain refrigerated to maintain their freshness, Freshpet® foods are kept refrigerated from the moment they are made until they reach the store. This ensures pets receive the best possible nutrition and taste without ever being exposed to any preservatives and fillers.

If you look at Freshpet® reviews, you will notice that customers take satisfaction in knowing they are feeding their pets natural and healthy food.  That is the Freshpet® difference.

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